What Is ABA

What is ABA Therapy for Autism?

What You Need to Know About Applied Behavior Analysis

As one of the most studied and proven effective autism therapy methods, ABA therapy at Pediatric Behaviors Solutions empowers your child to reach for their dreams. Using what we know and understand about how behavior and learning work, we use Applied Behavior Analysis to shape preferred behaviors and reduce those that are undesirable.

Your child with autism is wonderfully unique. They don’t need a “cure.” They need trained guidance, prompting, positive reinforcement, and support to overcome particular challenges. In ABA therapy at Pediatric Behavior Solutions, your child gets precisely what they need to build a brighter tomorrow.

Teaching Strategies Used in ABA Therapy

Discrete Trial Training

DTT breaks skills into small, or discrete, segments and teaches them individually using tangible positive reinforcements like toys or food.


Modeling refers to demonstrating preferred behaviors during ABA therapy sessions. It is especially effective when teaching communication and social skills.

Picture Exchange Communication System

PECS helps primarily nonverbal children with autism communicate through pictures and symbols. This technique encourages them to express their needs independently.


This method uses positive consequences to help children with autism understand preferred and undesirable behaviors.

Benefits of ABA for Children With Autism

ABA autism therapy is highly beneficial not only for your child with autism but also for your whole family! Through our in-home ABA therapy sessions, your child will gain an increased ability to communicate their wants and needs in many different settings and situations.

As a parent, you’ll also achieve a better understanding of both preferred and undesired behaviors. You’ll understand why behaviors occur, what causes them, and how you can reinforce those that are desirable. When you can better understand and help your child, you experience invaluable peace of mind like never before.

How ABA Autism Therapy Works

ABA for children with autism is the most powerful therapy you can offer your child to set them up for a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment. ABA therapy is effective for several reasons.


ABA therapy is individualized and naturalistic. Your child’s treatment plan and therapy sessions are specific to their needs and built around your family’s routines.


ABA autism therapy increases confidence. With the skills your child develops in ABA therapy, they’ll be more confident communicating their needs effectively.


ABA therapy provides optimal support for you and your child. You get compassionate care whether the sessions take place in your home or the community.


ABA therapy is a positive experience. Because positive reinforcement is a cornerstone of ABA for children with autism, they’ll learn and retain skills in a nurturing environment.