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Your child’s individuality and uniqueness are at the center of their autism treatment plan with Pediatric Behavior Solutions. With our help, they’ll reach for and attain their dreams! EXPLORE OUR SERVICES

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Whether your child has officially received an autism diagnosis or you suspect they show signs of autism, we know you have questions. Don’t worry. We’ve got you. One of the pillars of our therapy for autism services is to empower your child and you too!

Signs of Autism

Knowing what to look for is crucial to understanding whether your child displays signs of autism. While every child may show different ASD signs, there are some tell-tale developmental indications to look for.

What is ABA therapy?

One of the best things you can do for your child is to enroll them in high-quality ABA therapy in Michigan from an early age. ABA therapy is a proven effective way to help your child live confidently and independently.

about Pediatric Behavior Solutions

Changing the Face of ABA Therapy in Michigan

You and your child deserve compassionate, caring, quality in-home autism therapy solutions. Unfortunately, many ABA therapy providers struggle with high ABA therapist turnover thanks to high caseloads, demanding schedules, and burnout.

I’ve seen it first-hand, which is why I started Pediatric Behavior Solutions.

Because we provide a positive, supportive, calm, and efficient work environment for our staff, you get the very best ABA therapy services around. No overworked, tired, and resentful team members means focused, attentive, and compassionate care for you and your child.


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Wide Range
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Providing Better Treatment For All

Early Intervention Equals a Lifetime of Success

Early intervention is best when providing therapy for autism. With that said, when you are ready to start ABA therapy for your child is the right time! We’ll meet with you and your child to discuss your concerns, observe your son or daughter, and collaborate with you to determine the best action plan.

Your child’s in-home autism therapy plan is individualized to address their specific needs and personality. We also tailor your child’s ABA therapy plan to your family’s schedule.

Our collaborative approach centers around parent and family involvement and targeted sessions to focus on critical skills. We’ll accompany you and your child to events, public outings, and whatever else you need to do throughout the day. This way, we can address any interfering behaviors in real-time.

Unparalleled Support

Our business structure is built on support. We support our team of therapists, and they support you with whatever you need – from intake to transition to school.

Tailored Treatment Plan

In-home autism services require commitment. But that doesn’t mean it should be inconvenient. We’ll curate the perfect plan to fit your family’s schedule.

Growth and Independence

Our quality ABA therapy in Michigan empowers your child to gain the communication, social, and coping skills they need to live the life of their dreams.

Transparent Communication

Family collaboration is crucial to your child’s success. That’s why we guarantee open and honest communication throughout your child’s treatment.

We’re Improving the Quality of ABA Therapy, One Client at a Time

Our goal is to provide the best possible ABA therapy in Michigan. And because we focus on support, compassion, and efficiency, we do just that. Your child is only a tailored ABA therapy plan away from reaching their full potential. Don’t wait to unleash it. Contact us today!

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