Find a Rewarding Career in Autism at Pediatric Behavior Solutions

Helping children with autism and their families is one of the most rewarding careers out there. Not only can you help already outstanding children achieve their dreams, but you can also help families gain the tools and strategies they need to help their children grow.

At Pediatric Behavior Solutions in Northern and Southeastern Michigan, we are always looking to add compassionate, driven team members to help our clients and their families. We offer both remote and in-person positions and strive to make our work environment as calm, relaxed, and efficient as possible.

Why Join Our Team

When searching for jobs in autism, not all companies are created equal. We at Pediatric Behavior Solutions focus on providing better treatment for all. Our positive and supportive atmosphere means you’ll feel encouraged, informed, and anything but burnt out.

When you choose a career in autism at Pediatric Behavior Solutions, you can expect the following:

  • effective communication
  • positive attitudes
  • zero communication after hours
  • respect for staff and client boundaries
  • no fire drills and unnecessary meetings
  • most communication through the client portal or email
  • adherence to company policies
  • support and growth opportunities
  • healthy work/home balance
  • fair and consistent compensation for all employees

Not only can you expect a positive work environment, but you also get:

  • medical benefits
  • vision benefits
  • dental benefits
  • paid parental leave

Our Practicum Program Ensures Your Growth

At Pediatric Behavior Solutions, we offer additional support to our employees through our practicum program for Behavior Specialists. This program provides field experience for graduate-level employees. Through this program, you receive the supervision and valuable feedback you need to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Available Positions at Pediatric Behavior Solutions

No matter your experience in the autism field, if you are interested in jobs in autism, we likely have a position for you. From BCBA positions to Behavior Technicians, we’d love to hear from you.

Clinical Director (BCBA) – REMOTE

  • manage a team of ten BCBAs
  • track treatment hours
  • create opportunities for community outreach
  • develop and update our practicum program
  • monitor practicum sign-up
  • interview and oversee clinical staff
  • assign staff to cases

Assistant Clinical Director (BCBA) – REMOTE

  • assist the clinical director with the management of the BCBA team
  • review intake forms
  • send developmental assessments to qualified families
  • conduct initial assessments
  • meet weekly with practicum students
  • monitor practicum progress

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) – REMOTE

  • supervise a team of ten Behavior Technicians and one Behavior Specialist
  • approve client material order requests
  • collaborate with families to create individualized treatment plans
  • help families develop the skills needed to help their children communicate their wants and needs
  • provide weekly supervision to support clients and Behavior Technicians

Behavior Specialist (Required: RBT or ability to acquire RBT certification with one year of employment. Preferred: currently enrolled in an ABA Masters Program.)

  • oversee a team of ten Behavior Technicians
  • provide in-person support to Behavior Technicians and their clients
  • meet with each Behavior Technician and their clients once per week
  • create and order treatment materials as directed by the BCBA
  • report clinical and material needs to the BCBA
  • fill-in for Behavior Technician absences, as needed
  • assist with direct observations and report writing (if a practicum student)

Behavior Technician

  • provide direct support to clients
  • communicate clinical needs like new behaviors, materials needed, and client progress to the BCBA and Behavior Specialist

Business Operations Manager (BCBA) – REMOTE

  • communicate with third-party vendors and stakeholders
  • track delivered services and finances
  • establish budget
  • order and set up materials for staff
  • review data trends and develop compensation systems
  • establish relationships with universities and medical providers for client and employee referral pipelines

Intake Specialist (BCBA) – REMOTE

  • respond to potential client inquiries
  • conduct intake interviews
  • track potential client progress throughout the referral process

Our Hiring Process

If you are interested in any of our BCBA positions or any other open career opportunities in autism with us, email us at Attach your most recent resume, CV, and cover letter, and we’ll make sure we respond to you as soon as possible to let you know what positions are available for you.

When hiring for any of our incredible, supportive, rewarding jobs in autism, we aim for efficiency and work hard to complete the interview process within a few weeks.