About Pediatric Behavior Solutions

About Pediatric Behavior Solutions

Empowering Children to Strive for Their Dreams

We’re committed to improving the quality of ABA therapy for children with autism.

At Pediatric Behavior Solutions, we believe autism isn’t something that needs to be “fixed.” Rather, we embrace autism as being part of the neurodiversity that exists in the world. We won’t force your child to behave in any way that’s unnatural to them through ABA therapy. We’ll celebrate their individuality and support them throughout their journey to fulfilling their dreams.


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What Sets Us Apart as an Autism Therapy Provider

At Pediatric Behavior Solutions, we focus on providing high-quality early intensive intervention. Many larger-scale autism service providers in Michigan struggle to retain their ABA therapy staff due to burnout. That prevents clients from receiving effective treatment and making significant therapy gains.

That’s why we started Pediatric Behavior Solutions – to provide better treatment for all.

And that starts with our team of ABA therapy specialists. By providing a positive, supportive, and burnout-free work environment, our entire staff can focus on what they do best: helping your child achieve their dreams.

Our Goal is to Build Your Child’s Confidence and Independence

You don’t have to struggle on your own to help your child. We’re here to provide support, transparency, and communication throughout intake and treatment. Your child will learn foundational communication, social, coping, and emotional regulation skills to build their confidence.

And it’s all done in a naturalistic way, tailored to meet you and your child’s needs.